What Makes Slider Windows the Most Energy Efficient?

If you’ve gone through the whole pro-and-con list of tackling a window replacement project, then energy efficiency was most likely high up in the pro column. The more energy efficient your windows are, the comfier your house will be, and the lower your monthly energy bill will be.  Pro list: Comfy home, lower monthly bills, high return on investment. Check.  The next stage is deciding exactly what kind of windows you want. Sure you could just buy the same style your house came with, but where’s the fun in that? Slider windows have a lot going for them. Let’s break it down—

A Slider Window Anatomy Lesson

At the risk of being remedial, slider windows are called sliders...because they slide open. They’re like your sliding glass patio door, but in window form. Your home may currently feature the more common double hung windows that open from the bottom to the top, but slider windows open from side to side.  Your ardent slider window fans will tell you that they’re easy to open, easy to clean, and give you a nice uninterrupted view of the outdoors. Because the mechanism that slides open is a bit simpler than other types of windows, they can also be a more affordable option. Once you factor in the energy efficiency boost, the price looks even more handsome. If you really want to know what makes these windows energy efficient, you’ll need to zoom in even closer to look at each part of the window. The details are where these really shine. 

That Glass Works Hard 

The main thing you are combating when it comes to glass is heat transfer. You want that glass to act as a barrier between the weather outside and the temperature you’re paying for indoors. Slider windows get energy efficiency points because the glass is Low-E coated; it reflects the infrared light and cuts down on heat transfer.  Depending on the climate where you live, you can double—or triple!—the layers of glass on your slider windows. We’ve all heard of double-paned windows. Double-paned glass reflects twice as much heat back into the house on cold winter days, and triple reflects—you guessed it—three times as much.  If you choose layered glass, they’ll fill the space between the panes with 98.8% Krypton gas. That gas insulates the air between the panes and prevents heat transfer to keep your home even more comfortable.  As a side bonus, all this hard-working glass will also reduce street noise inside your home. Now that’s certainly a perk—especially if you have particularly rowdy neighbors. 

The Sash Material is Key

The term “sash material” refers to everything surrounding the glass. The overall design of a slider window is pretty straightforward, and with fewer moving parts there are fewer opportunities for air leakage and wallet drainage. But your sash material is also going to help with energy efficiency.  Window Nation slider window sash materials are made out of heavy-duty vinyl. Each corner is fused together using a four-point welder at high temperatures. Vinyl really blocks out the weather, and holds up in the long term. Our slider vinyl windows are made with an ultra-compression weather seal and have polypropylene poly-fin weatherstripping. They mean business.  When you close a single hung window from the top, the window just sits on the sash. But if you look at the closing side of a sliding window, you can see that when you shut it, the two sides are intricately fitted to each other. They have a smartly engineered interlock system that seals up the window extra tight—a perk for your energy efficiency as well as home security. 

The fit is everything

Of course, the most energy-efficient windows in the world can’t do their job if they aren't installed correctly. In fact, the warranty on your windows could be null if you don’t get the right team out. Window Nation has installed over one million windows since 2006. Not to brag? But it’s kind of our thing. We factory train every installer, and our professionals have an average of 16 years of experience.  No matter your priorities, Window Nation has the right windows for you. When you’re juggling your choices in regards to design, cost, and energy efficiency, we’re always happy to talk with you and make sure you understand your options. Give us a call today, and ensure you’re getting the best windows for your home.

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